Being an environmentalist and trying your best to respect and care for both man and nature in business and in everyday life can some times be tough and down right depressive. You do your best, yet you are often reached by reports on how the earth and the oceans we all love gets more and more destroyed! From plastic in the ocean reaching enormous proportions, to whales stranding, losing their sense of direction due to all the noise pollution caused by large freight ships to our own shorelines being covered in oil and litter, the list goes on!

But something that felt very inspiring and made us happy to hear is news about how the use of plastic bags has dramatically decreased since the new law from first of June here in Sweden. In only 3 months a massive 2,5 millions less plastic bags have been used! Change is possible!

As a store owner you are probably already aware of the new regulations, if not you can find further information from Svensk Handel here. They also have convenient signs to download and print.



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