Sustainable Nautical
kitchen Ware

Biodegradable Dish Cloths, FSC Certified Birch Wood Coasters, Trays and Trivets

greeting Cards

Decorative easy to sell postcards with traditional nautical motives. Vintage feel, heavyweight quality paper, envelopes in recycled paper and sleeves made out of 100% biodegradable corn starch

Stay Warm When the
Sun sets

Jacquard woven wavy L&C net pattern blanket.  100% WOOL. Double Sided. Blue on one side and off white on the other, edge-stitched with heavy protective yarn. Soft, thick & decorative. Made in the EU.

Always made in the EU

High-Quality Durable products made in Europe.



Birch Wood


Lino Cut


Our Mission

With respect for man and nature

Lions & Cranes set sail in 2013 as an ethical brand with distinct coastal aesthetics and resonant Scandinavian core values. With respect for man and nature, we want to transmit happy, respectful and good vibe energy in all we do. Our visual language is directed by the local, coastal surroundings, commanding a deep sense of calm and respect. The wind, the salt, and the sea, here interpreted through fresh eyes…

Over 20 years of

Timeless Nautical motives based on Kurt Lightners traditional hand-made woodcut prints.


Our Kitchen Towels are printed here in Sweden with eco-friendly waterbased ink without toxic discharge. Safe for you, the printer and the environment.

Corn Starch

Did you know that our cards come with envelopes made of recycled paper, packed in sleeves not made of plastic but of 100% biodegradable corn starch?


Our Dish Cloths are made of 100% sustainable cellulose and printed with eco-friendly ink making them biodegradable. Once used they can be returned to soil in the compost bin.

1500 SEK
Purchase Minimum

Low Wholesale Purchase minimum. Small shops welcomed. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!